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Ramblings of Fall and Denise

The green leaves linger but the calendar declares that fall has arrived. It was your favorite time of year. Mine too. Saluki basketball games could not start soon enough. Our SIU sweatshirts were moved to the front of the closet in anticipation of the first games. An autumn scent always filled your home. Leaves, candles,… Continue reading Ramblings of Fall and Denise

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She Battled Cancer While I Battled Faith

This is the post I was hoping to never have to write. Nine months. The time from her cancer diagnosis to her death. Nine months of my dear friend Denise being prodded and poked with needles, nauseated, in pain, throwing up, taking chemo, no appetite, trips to the ER, a flight by helicopter for emergency… Continue reading She Battled Cancer While I Battled Faith