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For the Young Mamas Out There

Young mama, I have experienced your joy when you have made the announcement “We’re expecting!” Your face radiant with the pregnancy glow that new mamas seem to have. For some that glow turned to sadness when God ordained to take your baby home before you got to hold him or her. I cried with you… Continue reading For the Young Mamas Out There

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On The Road to Troas

Wrong turns. Waiting. Road blocks. Waiting. Maybe you have been there. Maybe you are there-traveling a road that isn’t taking you where you want to be. It’s hard to believe but we have been back from South Africa almost two years now. My husband thought his road would return him to Christ Seminary by now… Continue reading On The Road to Troas

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A God Reminder from My Checkbook

  I rarely get a checkbook error in my favor. A receipt doesn’t appear at the gas station and I forget to write it down. Well, there just went forty dollars I thought we had. Sometimes my husband forgets to tell me about a purchase. Deduct another twenty dollars. This month’s checkbook balancing went differently.… Continue reading A God Reminder from My Checkbook


Fear in the Midst of Faith

I know you have been there. Whether it was a family member or friend, you received the news of a life-changing diagnosis. You prayed and pleaded, cried and begged to the God who can do the impossible. Yet your prayers went unanswered just as mine did. I’ve lost a high school friend to brain cancer,… Continue reading Fear in the Midst of Faith