Mother's Day, Young Mamas

For the Young Mamas Out There

Young mama, I have experienced your joy when you have made the announcement “We’re expecting!” Your face radiant with the pregnancy glow that new mamas seem to have. For some that glow turned to sadness when God ordained to take your baby home before you got to hold him or her. I cried with you… Continue reading For the Young Mamas Out There

Bible Study

Unexplainable Courage

Brave, bold and daring. These words are often used to describe someone who is courageous. In the Book of Acts Peter went from the cowardly man who denied Jesus three times to the bold preacher declaring to the Jewish High Court that salvation can be found in no one else but Jesus Christ. In week… Continue reading Unexplainable Courage

Bible Study

Living An Unexplainable Life

Do you want to live an unexplainable life? One like the believers in the Book of Acts where- *There was devotion to teaching, fellowship, giving and prayers. *The Lord added daily to those who were being saved. *The word was spoken with boldness. *God was obeyed rather than men. *Former persecutors of Christ (Saul)  become… Continue reading Living An Unexplainable Life