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Restlessness and Fallow Ground

Field with Chair

We have moved four times in the past three years since returning from South Africa. Each move has been for a legitimate, good reason. During this last one I made it known to my husband that this is it until God calls us to somewhere else or we buy a house. Yes, though we’ve been back here for three years, there is still a restlessness that God has some kind of plan for us that involves missions. Is this restlessness from our own desires or is it from the Lord? I don’t know. How long do we wait and ponder before we put down roots here? I don’t know. Is the Lord done with us or would He be gracious enough to give us a do over? I don’t know. Many questions, no answers.

What I do know is that the Lord put us back here in His sovereignty so that I could be with my friend dying of cancer, my parents as they dealt with health issues and finally my granny when she fractured her pelvic bone. Through this, I have watched my husband sacrificially love me by doing his best to find contentment here when his heart is in Africa. Now, as it seems the family is well, I have told the Lord “Whatever you want, Lord. Whatever it takes. If You want us back on the mission field, You have to show us where. If the local church is where You want us, confirm that to us.”

This morning I read an article called “Feast + Fallow” by Abigail Murrish. She explains the concept of fallow ground:

“Leaving land fallow is an agricultural practice where farmland is intentionally not used to grow a crop. It’s not a passive practice where a farmer simply leaves the land after harvest. Fallow land is typically plowed and harrowed, but not sowed. The goal of fallow land? To restore fertility and nutrients for a future harvest.”

Are Doug and I in a season of fallow ground? I don’t know, but the goal of fallow ground looks pretty good. So I pray: Lord plow in our restless hearts and root up those things that don’t belong so that we may produce a future harvest. Whatever You want, Lord. Whatever it takes.