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Like the First Day of School

jesus-made-the-gradeI loved the first day of school. Especially all the new school supplies. The crisp, white notebook paper just waiting to be filled with book reports, science notes and math equations. From grade school, I remember the shiny, smooth yellow and green Crayola box. Perfect pointed tips ready to create whatever my imagination held. How exciting it was to be the first class to receive a brand-new textbook. No markings, no torn pages, just typed words on silk-like pages ready to be learned.

A new Bible study gives me the same feeling. With anticipation, I wonder how God will use this study in my life. The highlighter comes out, pages are marked and coffee is spilled. Folded corners remind me of a great quote or thought. The Holy Spirit, my teacher, writes on the tablet of my heart. Just as classroom students are to be obedient to their teachers, I am to be obedient to God’s word. Sometimes I make the grade, other times I need a do-over.

Thankfully, I’m not dependent on my performance to pass a final exam for God. My sinless Savior was obedient for me even unto death on the cross. Jesus made the grade that I could never obtain. My name is written in the final report card-the Book of Life and sealed not with gold stars that I obtained but with the blood of Christ.