I Am Facebook

Facebook Phone Pic.jpeg

Feeding your flesh

I puff you up

with likes and comments

till you can’t get enough.

An hour wasted

scrolling your feed-

While spouse or children

wait in need

of your attention,

your affection,

face to face conversation

without internet connection.

I cause daughters and sons

to take their lives

because one of their peers posted lies.

With words I wage war-

causing confusion,

stirring up division.

How easy to spar

with the press of a key

when you disagree-

It’s somehow easier

behind a screen.

You compare. You covet.

You intentionally offend.

You unfollow and unfriend.

A digital damnation

When will it end?

I lure and entice

with each notification.

I am Facebook-

How I love your addiction.

What are your thoughts?

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