Bible Study

Unexplainable Change

13521984_10154371487229883_5503147354444941386_nI’m sure all of us have some kind of desire for something to change in our lives. Perhaps it is a job situation, a relationship or we may want to be more obedient to God’s word. We can accomplish a change in our life but what about unexplainable change. A change that can only be brought about by the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives through prayer. Fleshly change can only go so far, but when the change is from the Spirit it is truly life altering. In week two of the bible study An Unexplainable Life, Erica Wiggenhorn takes us through Acts 1:15-2:47 where I learned much about prayer.

Peter cast lots for the last time to complete the twelve disciples. I found it interesting that in Jewish thought the number twelve signifies perfect administration. Jesus told the disciples in Matthew 19:28 that there would be twelve thrones for them to sit on which is something Peter most likely remembered from his time with Jesus. We don’t need to cast lots anymore. Nor do we need to ask the Lord for a sign. We have the Holy Spirit living inside us to counsel, comfort and teach. Erica writes:

When we constantly seek signs from God to declare His will for our lives, I believe this greatly grieves the Holy Spirit inside us.

I would add that it is also laziness on our part. How many of us truly want to wrestle with God day in and out for an answer? Isn’t it much easier to ask the Lord for a sign? Prayer requires time and commitment. It’s a discipline which I find hard to consistently do.

The study continues with a look at Pentecost and its relation to the book of Joel and Ezekiel. I did not realize the first three chapters of Ezekiel was read during the Pentecost celebration. These words from Ezekiel would have been reassuring to the disciples who were awaiting the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. You can read more about Ezekiel, Joel and the Feast of Pentecost at Erica’s Deeper Discoveries.

After the Holy Spirit was poured out, Peter preached and 3,000 souls were saved that day. What were these new believers committed to (Acts 2:42):

-the apostles’ teachings


-the breaking of bread


What does a committed believer look like today?

-they attend church regularly to hear God’s word

-they enjoy time spent together inside or outside the church walls with brothers and sisters in Christ

-communion is celebrated

-prayer is a way of life

Do you find yourself lacking in any of these areas? My prayer life certainly is not where I would like it to be. I want to be a woman of unexplainable change that comes by the Spirit and not by the flesh.

Lord, burden me to be a woman of prayer and our church to be a people of prayer.

Week One: Living An Unexplainable Life

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