Just a Paper Girl at Heart

Paper Girl

I’ve never been with my mom without the sound of her phone alerting her of some notification. “Oh, let me put that in my reminders,” she likes to say. I have friends who quickly whip out their phones to confirm dates on their calendar. I wanted to be like them. I tried. I really did. A new year’s goal began with one of the first books I read in 2016. It was Tim Challies’ Do More Better. I was now going to be tech-savvy, but it didn’t last long. My first goal has already failed. It’s Challies’ fault really. He made the organizational apps he uses so appealing. There were just three main ones: Google Calendar, Todoist and Evernote. Later I would be introduced to the Prayermate app.

I do have Google Calendar on my phone and will put appointments in it but it is not my main calendar. When confirming an appointment, I whip out my paper planner with a bright colored BIC pencil stuck in it. <Gasp> I know! But really other people still use paper planners. I even found a new system called bullet journaling which I am slowly attempting.

Todoist is a really wonderful app to keep one on track with what they want to accomplish for the day. You can set up different lists or projects and various timed reminders. It’s just not me. My drawers are filled with cute little magnetic list pads and other paper eye candy just waiting for me to write on them.

Then there is Evernote. It is taking me forever to use it. I haven’t given up on it though. I know it will be a wonderful tool to be able to save articles of different topics and to tag them for easy access. But what happens when the internet is down and I can’t get to the articles? Or if I want to cook supper and my recipes are all on Pinterest? One can’t go wrong with a paper copy filed in a decorative folder.

I loved Prayermate when I first tried it. But now to be staring at a screen and praying over names seems so impersonal. I like recording them in a journal and being able to easily flip through and see God’s answers.

This brings me to eBooks. When my husband and I were missionaries in South Africa, our Kindles were such a great thing to have! We were always downloading free books to read. I still love my Kindle but not so much reading on it. I miss the feel and smell of a real book in my hands. Apparently, I’m not the only one. I also find it much easier to find things I’ve highlighted and to make notes in a crease-and-bend book rather than my Kindle.

Kudos to those who love their apps and don’t really know what a BIC pencil is. You can type a reminder and set it before I even pull out my pencil.  I will always admire you. But as for me, I’m just a paper girl at heart.

What about you? What apps or paper planners do you like to use? Do you read more eBooks or hardbacks?

3 thoughts on “Just a Paper Girl at Heart”

  1. Appreciate your post Deb. Guess what? I don’t use a cell-phone. (I do have a limited use trac phone that I use only in case of emergency or unusual circumstance. My spouse makes me have it. He worries I could be stranded alone on a dark road or something. haha.) I do not have a lap top computer or e-reader either. I do use my desk top computer! While I surf the web,blog, etc – I am otherwise old school. I use a wall calendar to keep track of my schedule, write to-do notes on paper, read tangible books, write postal letters, etc. : ) Here is a funny post I wrote once:

  2. paper planners….
    I’m a failed tech saavy senior at this point and …that’s okay. really.
    I don’t read much anymore since cataract surgery, most print is too small and if I did it would only be non fiction since I think of fiction as a waste of time. Most things that you read or listen to don’t really make much of a difference for very long anyway, outside of God’s Word and the Holy Spirit.

    1. Yes I agree. I haven’t read a fiction book in forever. Though I was thinking for the summer of reviving some Little House on the Prairie series and a friend is loaning me a Victoria Holt book. I read her when I was in high school.

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