Biblical Womanhood

Faithful Wounds of a Friend

Faithful WoundsSometimes God uses the caring words of a friend spoken with love to bring our hearts to repentance. My heart was recently quickened in such a way.

“You are taking the lead over your husband and you should not.”

Silence. I swallow hard. No sugar coating in those words. My friend wasn’t telling me something I didn’t already know and always battle. I’m no different than Eve after sin was introduced in the garden and then she too would want to lead over her husband.

Thus one of the most tragic results of Adam and Eve’s rebellion against God is an ongoing, damaging conflict between husband and wife in marriage, driven by the sinful behavior of both in rebellion against their respective God-given roles and responsibilities in marriage.  -The ESV Study Bible

“But if I don’t, I don’t know what will happen…”

“Your husband can be a leader. You have to let him.”

Gulp. Tears flowed. This meant I would have to relinquish control. Because that is what it comes down to-I want to control my husband, our circumstances and even our spiritual life. When he is not moving quick enough or doing what I think he should, there I am stepping in and taking the helm. To finally be confronted with what my heart already knew brought brokenness.

“Why did you never tell me this?”

“Well, I’m telling you now.”

Faithful are the wounds of a friend…-Proverbs 27:6a

Brokenness brought repentance not just to God but to my husband as well. It wasn’t a revelation to him. He knew and he also knew he allowed it. So both of us, with repentant hearts, start fresh hoping after almost thirty years to get this marriage thing right.

Faithful are a friend’s wounds and faithful is our God.

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