My God Is Greater Than ISIS

Greater than ISIS

“I’m glad our governor is not letting refugees in,” I stated as my husband and I watched the morning news.

As soon as the words came out, I questioned myself. Why did I say that? The more I thought about it the more I realized my comment came from the opinions of my Facebook feed and listening to the media. I had not considered God in all of this.

If we believe in God’s providence, then we must know that He has a purpose. Yes, we use wisdom in the process of letting these Syrians in just as we do with any other nationality coming to this country. Many have a desire to go to the mission field. Here’s an opportunity that doesn’t involve packing everything up and moving to another country because in this case God is bringing the mission field to us. Is not a widowed Syrian mother of three worthy of the gospel? A gospel shared in words but most of all by our deeds.

Have we as Christians who endure bigotry became bigots? Racists? Haters?

Paul (Saul) was a hater and a murderer. His focus-Christians. House to house he went dragging off men and women of the Way, followers of Christ. A bright light stopped Paul in his tracks. He met Jesus. Paul the hater became a lover of Christians. Once a murderer, he now shared the Hope of eternal life willing to die himself for the sake of Christ.

There is Hope for an ISIS terrorist. God can still use a bright light, but does He not also expect us to be the light?

We are Christians first. Americans second. May we not blur what happened at the cross with a secular ideology.

As Christians divide; the world unites. One thing I know-

My God is greater than ISIS.

3 thoughts on “My God Is Greater Than ISIS”

  1. Beautifully said Deb. Here in Canada our new prime minister has vowed to bring 25,000 refugees here by Christmas. Many here are nervous and worried. Some are protesting. My younger daughter (who is 19) and I were talking about it and she asked me what I thought. I told her the exact same thing you mentioned in your post….I think God is bringing the mission field to us. Reading your post reinforced my thoughts. Praying many come to Him.

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