What Will Spiritual Awakening Look Like?

tentrevivalToday I stumbled upon the website of Vance Christie and a post entitled “The Prayer Meeting Revival.” Since our church has been praying for spiritual awakening for years, I continued to read his other posts on past revivals. Many times we have asked ourselves what spiritual awakening would like. Here are some common threads these revivals had that I think we could learn from today:

There was a set time of prayer with specific focus.

From the state of the nation to lost souls there was a tangible reason to be gathered for prayer. The time set aside was consistent, in most cases daily or weekly.

It involved both men and women.

While there are times when men must gather in prayer for their homes and church, revival is not limited to just the outpouring of men’s hearts. Praying for spiritual awakening is for all of us-women and men alike, children to young adults.

Open confession of sin took place.

True revival will not take place without confession of sin. Not all sin should be confessed publicly, but how humbling it is to hear the cry of God’s child who unashamedly shares their sin and asks for God’s forgiveness and in some cases the forgiveness of another. God is not going to bring revival to a people who are still living in their sin.

The desire to see the lost brought to salvation increases.

As we are cleansed of our sin, we desire those in our family, community and even around the world to be saved. The gospel is shared boldly and God brings others to salvation.

If there is ever a time for spiritual awakening among God’s people it is now. May we step up to the challenge of consistent prayer, confession of sin and proclamation of the gospel so that God may bring revival to our hearts, community and nation.

Vance Christie gathered some of his information from A God-sized Vision: Revival Stories that Stretch and Stir by Colin Hansen and John Woodbridge. Sounds like a good book to add to my reading list.

What are your thoughts?

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