Living a Life of Genuine Faith


We just completed our study James: Living a Life of Genuine Faith by Jen Wilkin. The Book of James may be small but it is powerfully packed with commands for living the Christian life. Here’s what we concluded from our study:

As women of genuine faith we will:

-Remain steadfast through trials

-Flee from temptation

-Receive the word with humility

-Care for orphans and widows

-Keep ourselves unstained from the world

-Show no favoritism or partiality

-Do good works

-Control our tongue

-Display Godly wisdom

-Submit to God in Humility

-Not speak evil against one another

-Make plans with the Lord always in mind

-Be patient in suffering

-Establish our hearts

-Be women of integrity by keeping our word/commitments to others

-Be committed to a body of Christ

-Pray for one another

-Lovingly confront a sister in sin

You may have never heard of Jen Wilkin or her studies that she leads with her Flower Mound Women’s Bible Study group. Learn more about her at her blog The Beginning of Wisdom. Listen to her teach through different studies at her podcasts. If you haven’t read her book Women of the Word, I highly recommend it also.

2 thoughts on “Living a Life of Genuine Faith”

  1. Hi Deb, there’s so much wisdom in the book of James, isn’t there? I can see what fruit your Bible study has yielded and it’s tempting me to check out ‘Women of the Word’ too! Thank you. 🙂

  2. I’m looking forward to reading her book, ‘Women of the Word.’

    Love the list you shared as well. I pray to be a woman of genuine faith as described.

    God bless! : )

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