Giving Encouragement from God’s Word

lightstock_203885_medium_user_4877842There’s something lacking in the church today. A brother in Christ brought it up during Sunday School and then it was mentioned again in another class setting. We as Christians seem to have lost the ability, or perhaps desire, to share God’s word to meet a fellow believer’s circumstance. Who was the last person to share a verse from scripture that met your need? It’s so easy to just give trite, routine words of encouragement or tell someone you’ll pray for them. How long has it been since we have prayed and sought the Lord for a word from His Word to share with a struggling brother or sister in Christ?

I love getting that text from a friend sharing verses that they knew would be an encouragement to me. If you are going to correct me don’t let it be with your own opinion but show me the error of my way from the Bible. Even though I may not be happy with being rebuked by God’s word at first, God will use it eventually in my heart. In the end, I am always thankful for the person who brought the reproof to me.

Getting a word of encouragement from the Lord for someone requires us to be in the Word and to be on our knees asking specifically. Maybe that is the reason so few do it. We’ve let Facebook memes posted on a friend’s wall be our source of comfort and caring. It’s a lot easier and not as time consuming as sitting down with our Bibles and sharing a verse, or typing out a text or email.

Psalm 119 tells us over and over so many things that God’s word does. Let us use it to comfort a grieving friend, to revive a hard heart and to give guidance to someone who has lost their way. May we take the time this week to minister God’s word to a friend in need.

2 thoughts on “Giving Encouragement from God’s Word”

  1. Yesterday I was trying to encourage someone who is anew believer, I used my scripture knowledge relevant to what we spoke about, then later thought it might have sounded like any other advice because I didn’t not give scripture reference. Anway that s just my fear, I think it is important to give ciunsel from God’s word or principles from the very same word because it is indeed powerful than any double edged sword. Havent visited your blog in a long time, I love it. Very encouraging and thanks for the reminder.

  2. Loved this! While I appreciate the comfort that my friends give in their own words, God’s words are so much more powerful and effective. I have a few friends who actually do share Scripture with me when I need it (though never in a “preachy” way), and it has such an impact on my attitude at that moment! But you’re right – we have to be in the Word daily, if we want to share the Word with others. It’s not something we can just do, we have to prepare ahead of time. Thanks for this vital reminder!

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