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Letting Go to Give Away


It’s the four letter word that makes most Christians roll their eyes.

“We don’t do that. That’s what Catholics do.”

Yes, I’m speaking of Lent. It is the 40 day period from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday. The word means “spring” which makes me think of daffodils bursting forth from the ground and bare winter trees sprouting their first buds.

A new birth…

Prayer-filled tears of blood to “Your will not mine,” a crown of thorns that resulted in our crown of life and death on a cross followed by the empty tomb.

The old is gone…the new has come.

Lent is an opportunity for Christ-followers to remember the work of Christ on our behalf and to prepare our hearts for Resurrection Sunday.

The desire is a new lease on life, a view into the vast world of God, a deep breath and long look above the tree line of self-absorption. So in Lent we focus on getting away from the life of flesh and into the life of the Spirit, denying our ways and embracing God’s. The point of giving things up isn’t to be reminded of how much we miss them, but rather to be awakened to how much we miss God and long for his life-giving Spirit. This means, of course, that Lent isn’t only about giving up things. It’s also about adding things, God-things. -From Journey to the Cross Devotional Guide (free)

Call it something else if you like but don’t miss this opportunity to focus on Christ.

To wash someone’s feet as the humble servant washed the disciple’s feet.

To deny ourselves an earthly pleasure in remembrance of His laying down His life for our eternal pleasure.

So what am I doing?

I’m letting go of my Facebook feed for this time period, working on a project to give away and most of all having more alone time with God and His word.

And my heart’s cry is “Lord, resurrect my heart.”

Other Devotional Readings:

Love to the Uttermost by John Piper

Lent: Give Up, Get Low, Gain Christ

3 thoughts on “Letting Go to Give Away”

  1. Debs your focus on the Lord is such a challenge and encouragement to me. Love you so much”older woman of God” we invest our time in that which is not eternal truly speaking, may the Lord help us to discipline ourselves for the purpose of godliness as we await His coming.

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