New Year

Getting Real in 2015

2015No resolutions. No goals. No one word. I can’t seem to keep them, meet them or follow them. But for 2015 I do have three desires that are in heart that I want to live out: Real books, real food and real conversation.

In Noah Webster’s 1858 dictionary (if you don’t have one of these I highly recommend it) he defines real as actual being, existing and true, genuine, not artificial, counterfeit or factitious.

My fondness for Kindle reading has faded. Though I’m not going to pass up a free book, I have returned to buying “real” books. Like a race car driver holds the steering wheel, there is nothing like a book in the hand. I can fold pages, highlight and write notes without pressing my finger on a cold unfriendly screen. I can lend it out without worrying if it is on Amazon’s list or not or if it will get read within two weeks.

Real food means cutting, dicing and slicing more. It means less trips to a drive-thru and more cooking at home. It is eating more fruit instead of a hostess fried pie and making a pot of chili instead of going to Wendy’s.

I can’t believe that I actually texted someone to tell them I was sorry about a death that occurred in their family. Is this what technology does? Whole conversations placed with mouths closed and fingers quickly moving with tears streaming down my eyes. Would it not have been more encouraging to have called and actually shared my heart break for them? Is it that easier to start typing instead of talking? Is counseling really taking place when advice is given over Facebook messages instead of a cup of coffee? These are questions I am pondering at the start of a new year.

So, yes, I plan on getting real in 2015. If you don’t like to talk with the press of your finger you can always block my calls.

Happy New Year! Here’s to a REAL one!

3 thoughts on “Getting Real in 2015”

  1. I also love reading from the real thing. Though if I read a non-fiction book on my e-reader it forces me to take notes! But it’s so much easier to just underline in a paperback. : ) I need to be more sensitive about being in contact with others more off media as well. Great goals for 2015.

    Happy New Year Debbie!

  2. Love it – and agree wholeheartedly! I too, will still buy books for my Kindle – I have never paid over $5 for a book on my Kindle and those are very few and far between – most have been free or 99 cents. But no matter the “library” I may be able to acquire on my Kindle, there is nothing better than a “real book!” And I too have been guilty of expressing sympathy, concern, love or even disappointment via a Facebook or text message; how ironic – and tragic – that in this age of instantaneous communication – we really do not communicate at all. Great thought!

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