Biblical Womanhood

Help Wanted: Older Women Needed

I’m closing 2014 with a final appeal for women to consider the Titus 2 mandate. Susan Hunt closes out her book “Spiritual Mothering” by looking at the topics of acceptance, forgiveness and comforting. God may lead us to a woman with a past that haunts her and will need to be addressed through God’s word in the safe place of the relationship that has been established by the older woman.

Susan reminds us that it is Christ’s love that compels us and renews us when we begin to become weary:

“The sheep are sometimes dirty. Sometimes they are difficult. Not all the sheep are lovable, and too often I don’t love them enough to feed and care for them. And what’s worse, my love for Jesus is sometimes in short supply. But when I stand back and reflect on His unconditional, unchanging love for me, I am energized.”

The command on our lives as women is clear. It’s not a glamourous calling that is seen by everyone. It’s done in our local restaurant, the messiness of our kitchen or a quiet back porch. It does require time and commitment but the present and eternal rewards far outweigh the cost.

Let us pray as women to the Lord for the young woman He wants us to equip and encourage in 2015.

1 thought on “Help Wanted: Older Women Needed”

  1. Thanks for this Debs, I know you have always been on my case about this. This previous yr I had 3ladies in my heart, I think I didnt do enough to disciple them, and it breaks my heart to see some of them making wrong ungodly decisions. Though im not older than them, some are my age, some older but I have had sleepless nights because of them. I pray that through God’s help I will invest my time this yr and work on that and be patient with them. Xxx

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