missionary life

2014: Walking by Faith

Our Polokwane Family

We began January 2014 with the loss of our friend’s baby Joy Conley. We experienced our first major death from across the ocean by watching the funeral through Skype while our hearts were longing to grieve with her family.

February brought a blessed time with the women of Xicumbane in Mozambique as they learned God’s word and we went out visiting those who had not been in church or were sick.

In April, I would learn and actually see the effects of a Malaria outbreak in Xicumbane.

We didn’t know it at the time but April would be our last time in Zimbabwe where we helped with an Easter Conference.

After much prayer and counsel we formally announced our return to the States. My last post in South Africa declared no regrets, but honestly there are many.

August was filled with tears and depression as we tried to adjust but kept asking “Lord, what have we done?” Then the living in limbo began. The year has come to a close with the events of Ferguson still being felt and loss surrounding so many people.

Lord in all this transition I have so much to be thankful for: your provision for us of not just material things and jobs but friends that love and pray for us on both sides of the ocean. Though we have regrets and don’t understand it all, we know in our hearts when our mind says differently that You are sovereign and Your plan and purpose will work out for our good. And that good is ultimately to be more like Christ. Whether it is here in our local church or some other country You have yet to reveal, we are your servants. Have Your way in us, O Lord. Amen

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