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Gift of a Handmade Rug

Rosinah's Handmade Rug
Rosinah’s Handmade Rug

A few weeks ago we went to say goodbye to our friends’ parents at the village of Seabe in South Africa. My favorite dearly loved Gogo, Rosinah Mahlaola, presented me with this beautiful round rug that is made out of plastic bags. I can’t imagine how long a project like that takes but it certainly is a wonderful use for those plastic bags that quickly pile up on us. I wish I would have had time for her to teach me how it is done.

At the village of Makumeke we saw children making kites out of sticks and plastic bags. This would be a great craft to do with children on a mission trip especially if you use materials that they have available where they live.

Of course, with Pinterest, I found instructions for making these rugs: It takes 150 plastic bags.

There is so much more you can make with plastic bags: totes, sandals and plastic bag keepers.

Right now as we pack our plastic bags are coming in handy for wrapping breakables.

Do you know of an interesting use for plastic bags?

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