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Writing of God’s Wonderful Deeds

Linda Thomas, author and former Wycliffe missionary introduced herself to me through a comment she left on one of my blog posts. She had been a missionary in Africa and mentioned we would probably have a lot in common. I purchased her memoir, Grandma’s Letters from Africa, in which she shares of her and her husband’s first four years serving there. The memoir is written in letter form to her first granddaughter, Maggie.

I could definitely relate to the accounts of long drop toilets, sanitizing them with ash from a fire and always having our own toilet paper on hand. Linda’s enthusiasm for getting God’s word to people groups in their own language is contagious. She writes of their everyday life and of God’s guidance and provision through it all.

Most meaningful to me was her struggle with working as support staff as a writer for Wycliffe’s publications instead of being involved on the front lines, or so she thought, in teaching. The Lord took her to our mission verse Psalm 96:3-

“Tell of His glory among the nations, His wonderful deeds among all the peoples.”

After grieving over her job situation for over a year, she writes:

“It (Psalm 96:3) tells us to publish God’s amazing deeds and tell everyone about the wondrous things He does. It suddenly hit me-my job is not about writing articles and making videos. No, it’s about telling others the amazing things God does in people’s lives once they have Scriptures in their own languages.”

Our mission verse suddenly became a life verse for me. Writing of God’s wonderful deeds, whether through missionary stories or God’s work in my daily life, that is the purpose of my blogging.

Linda encourages writers with her website Spiritual Memoirs 101 and her Facebook page of the same name.

Do you have a bible verse the Lord has given you for your ministry, writing and/or life?

5 thoughts on “Writing of God’s Wonderful Deeds”

  1. I think that is quite a wonderful way to sharpen your perspective on blogging: publishing where we’ve seen God at work. Beautiful, friend.
    Thanks for sharing at Unforced Rhythms.

  2. Debbie, we’re not close neighbors at Unforced Rhythms this morning but I recognized Linda’s badge from her blog and couldn’t resist stopping in. What a wonderful review of Linda’s book, and I even get a chance to say hi to Linda!

    Debbie, you asked about a life verse and God has given me one: Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

    Lovely blog!

  3. Debbie! What a delightful surprise! Thank you for your kind words about my memoir. My prayer has been that the book would bless even one person, so if they touched your life in some way, then my prayers have been answered. And yes, your blogging, your stories, are important. Keep writing–all for the glory of God! Thanks again, sweet Debbie. God bless you.

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