Grace is a Gift {A Poem}

Grace Is

Grace is a gift

wrapped with the blood of the cross

sealed by the Holy Spirit.

Given by a Father

who crushed His only Son

for our sin

instead of crushing us.

Grace began in the Garden of Eden

and lives eternal in our hearts.

Seen in a gentle response

to a child in school clothes

making mud pies

or in forgiving a husband

for hurtful words hurled

in a moment of anger.

It is the icing

on a messed up cake.

It covers the wrong done.

Grace is a gift

wrapped with our love for one another.

-Debbie Crawford

How have extended grace to someone today?

6 thoughts on “Grace is a Gift {A Poem}”

  1. Hi Debbie, Yes and while we were yet sinners, He gave the ultimate act of grace. Thank you for the poetry and keep sharing…

  2. Hi Debbie, I’m visiting from the Essential Fridays Link-up. I had to come over, my name is Deb and I wrote about the gift of grace today too. I just love how God allows us to stand together in His truth. Blessings to you!

  3. My friend, these are beautiful words. thanks for being a graceful friend and to God for giving us the grace we need. Love you, Riana.

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