Sharing the Gospel in Makumeke

Toilets were dug, a church frame was placed and the Gospel shared with many as the mission hosted their first outreach of 2014 with a team made up of the graduating students at Christ Seminary in Polokwane. It was held in the village of Makumeke, South Africa. Those of you from our sending church will remember Pastor Kenneth and his wife Emma that served as translators on outreach with us to Xicumbane, Mozambique. This is a church plant of Muchipisi Baptist Church where he pastors.

Samuel Preaching at the Old Gospel Church
Samuel Preaching at the Old Gospel Church

The first Sunday the students dispersed to surrounding villages to preach at the morning service. I went to the village called Jim Jones (yes, that is the name but it is nothing to do with the deceased cult leader Jim Jones). For now this church, Old Gospel Church, meets under a roof outside the home of Pastor Reginald. He has just begun his studies at Christ Seminary.

Each day the men worked on Makumeke’s church structure. A frame was finished and tin sheeting for the roof placed. Seminary students took turns on digging the toilets for the church.

Doug Helping to Work on Church
Doug Helping to Work on Church
100_2254 (600x800)
Digging the Toilet Hole

In the morning the students went out to do house visitations. They had opportunity to share the Gospel with a few Muslim men. One student testified that a woman he shared with had never heard about Christ’s work on the cross for our sins though she was a member of another church in the village.

Children Playing
Children Playing

Children’s and men’s/women’s ministries took place each day. The teachings were led by the students. Unfortunately the turnout for the adults was very small. Ministry in South Africa is different than in Mozambique as a lot of the people work during the day and are unavailable to come to the teachings.

Adult Teachings
Adult Teachings

Each night a church service was held. On Wednesday the students went out once again to other villages to preach.

Thursday evening I had a time of teaching with the women of Muchipisi Baptist Church. I taught through Colossians 3.

One of the team, as a member of the Gideon’s Bible Ministry, went each day to several schools in the area to distribute bibles. Some of the seminary students went along and shared the Gospel with the children.

People braved the 20 degree temperature drop to view the Jesus Film on Friday night.

Villagers Viewing the Jesus Film
Villagers Viewing the Jesus Film

Saturday night was the first service of Makumeke Baptist Church in their new church structure.

First Service in the New Church Structure
First Service in the New Church Structure

We ended with church services on Sunday morning and returned to a very cold Polokwane in the afternoon.

Please pray for Makumeke Baptist Church to grow in believers and minister God’s word faithfully to the community.

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