Book Review: The Missional Handbook

Do you desire to know more about a missionary’s life? Are you a missionary serving locally or abroad? Then the The Missional Handbook: A Guide to Local and World Missions by Rosilind Jukic is for you. Rosilind serves with her husband and their two children in Croatia. She comes from a family rich in missionary service.

She begins her book by discussing the calling by God of a missionary. What does it mean? Are we all called? She discusses what local missions can look like. I was enlightened by her look into “virtual” missions. She writes:

“We no longer have to live among the locals, but use modern technology via travel and satellite as a more cost effective and relevant use of technology for God’s kingdom.”

She explains the role of the mentoring missionary who travels holding conferences and coming alongside church leaders for a period of time to spiritually train local churches in foreign lands.

Not opposed to lifetime missionaries as she is one herself, she presents more cost-effective alternatives to full-time missionaries.

“The level of a missionary’s effectiveness will be in direct proportion to the depth of relationships they seek to develop among the local people and will go far in fulfilling Christ’s command to go make disciples; be that in a more traditional means of evangelism or through more innovative and creative opportunities.”

I was challenged by her chapter “A Call to Holiness” in which she addresses a lazy spiritual life and that the missionary must not succumb to the temptation to weariness and cease spiritual diligence. For those who have forgotten their vision and purpose for ministry she encourages three ways for the missionary to be restored:

1. Turn off the noise.

2. Seek His face.

3. Simplify.

The book closes with advice from missional workers and testimonies from those on the mission field which includes my testimony of God’s work in my heart and my husband’s heart in calling us to South Africa. I highly recommend this eBook for missionaries and those with a heart for missions. Learn more about Rosilind and find many missionary resources and articles at Missional Call.

2 thoughts on “Book Review: The Missional Handbook”

  1. Hi Debbie! I just saw today in our local paper that Senior Centers are offering their clients the chance to teach English to people in Peru. On the internet! They use a service like Skype and talk to each other. Isn’t that amazing? Using technology to reach out and empower. That is ministry.

    Thank you for the book review. It has some wonderful thoughts on realigning a vision…whether it’s a ministry like mission, or any other calling.

  2. Thank you so much for posting this wonderful review. I am so honored that you were a part of the launch. It meant so much to me. I pray you are blessed today!

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