Sharing Your Passion for Missions and Causes

Your HeartYou are not a missionary but you know and pray for missionary families. Maybe you are passionate about meeting the needs of orphans or getting God’s word into the hands of those who don’t have access to a bible. How can you share your passion and motivate others to be a part of God’s work in your community and around the world?

*Hold a monthly Missions dinner for a different country. Our church here in South Africa does this. Each month a different small group chooses a country in the 10/40 window. All month the church prays for this country. A dinner is served that reflects the food of that country. A short presentation is given on the spiritual state of the country or even better we Skyped with a missionary family from that country and were able to ask them questions. Donations for the meal are accepted and goes to missions.

*Gather a group of friends together for an evening and work on a project that helps an organization. Jessica from Hand Me Down Grace is doing a wonderful project idea.

*Become a blogger. Write about your passion for a cause through blogging.

*Use your crafting skills. Do you paint? Knit? Make jewelry? Use your skills to earn money for a missionary family or cause. If a 12 year old can do this, so can you!

*Organize an afternoon to make cards for missionary families. Set aside a time of pray for them. Share verses and encouragement then send the cards out. Emails are wonderful but so are getting those cards through snail mail.

You may not be able to go but God can still use you for growing His kingdom. Take up the challenge He places on your heart and help change the world all for His glory.

I would love to hear your ideas. How do you share your passion for missions/causes with others? 

5 thoughts on “Sharing Your Passion for Missions and Causes”

  1. Hi Debbie! I think it’s true that people who go on a mission trip in the US think they are not really missionaries. But they are!
    I went on a construction mission trip to an Indian Reservation in Arizona, and it was a wonderful experience.

    I won’t do construction again tho. I’m not very handy, and I’d think more about medical mission work. Your ideas here have so much value because you are asking people to start conversations about it. That’s a powerful way to get the idea of missionary work out there. It’s important work.


  2. Debbie, thank you for your heart and passion for missions. It takes many, hands and hearts to carry out the mission of sharing God’s love and hope. These are excellent ideas. So glad to find your post!

  3. I stumbled upon this post from Faith Filled Fridays and was drawn by the title. I just got approved for a mission trip to Spain to teach church leaders about Celebrate Recovery, a Christian 12-step ministry founded at Saddleback Church in CA. As I read the opening words of your post, “you are not a missionary, but you know and pray for missionary families”, it hit me. I am a missionary! Maybe not full time, but God has been preparing me for this short term mission for the last few years (although I didn’t see it). I pray God aligns the provision for my trip and opens other’s eyes to the need for the spiritual revival that is needed in Spain. It is a major change in my perspective to accept that I am someone that people will be praying for investing in for an eternal purpose. Thank you for providing some food for thought on supporting missionaries. Ardis

    1. Ardis, yes you are a missionary, how wonderful! May God provide for you and use in a mighty way as you share this program with church leaders.

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