Book Review

Book Reviews from Biblical Counseling

One of the nice things about being a part of Christ Baptist Church  is that members can sit in the seminary classes offered. This semester I have been in biblical counseling and thoroughly enjoy the teaching of Pastor Andrew Isiaho. Thus, my reading has been mostly books that deal with this issue.

How to Help People Change by Jay Adams walks the reader through 2 Timothy 3:16-17 and applies it to biblical counseling. The four step process according to this scripture is teaching, conviction, correction and disciplined training in righteousness. The foundation for each of these steps is the bible as it is sufficient and contains all that is necessary for life and godliness. The author writes: “The Christian counselor is to be an expert in one thing only: in teaching counselees how to become an expert in pointing counselees away from himself and to Christ. His is fundamentally a ministry of the Word.”

I recently wrote about his book Ready to Restore which is also helpful for the layperson who wants to be a more effective counselor.

downloadOut of the Blues written by Wayne Mack deals with depression and loneliness. The author himself had his own bout with depression. He presents biblical principles for getting out of the blues followed by biblical examples of those who experienced depression. This book is for those who are depressed or those who want to know how to counsel the depressed.

A Quest for More: Living for Something Bigger than You by Paul David Tripp compares the Christian living for his “little kingdom” of self with living for the kingdom of God. The reader is challenged to examine their life as to which kingdom they are living for. Here are some of my highlighted quotes that impacted me:

Somewhere deep within our sinful hearts, this is what we secretly want-our own way.

It is possible for us to profess allegiance to the big kingdom and yet, in our daily choices, be fighting for the success of the kingdom of one.

Self-righteousness blinds me to the realities of who I am and tends to make me much more aware of the sin of others than my (1)

Big kingdom living is living with the purpose, character, call, grace, and glory of our Lord Jesus Christ as the central motivation and hope for everything you think, desire, do and say.

The grace of Christ has the power to open your blind eyes to see. It has the power to pry open your clinched-fisted hold on your own will and cling to the cause of a better kingdom. And it has the power to help you gladly confess what you once refused even to see.

Can you relate to any of these? I sure can. If you need a reminder of what living for the kingdom of God means then this book is for you.

What book has been helpful to you lately in stretching you and drawing you closer to Christ?

What are your thoughts?

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