Snippets of God’s Grace in Zimbabwe

Mary's Smile
Mary’s Smile

I was captured by the beauty of Mary’s smile. She is a sweet ten year old that did not seem to play with the other children. She would stay at a distance watching me. I would smile then she would smile. Then one time as I was walking she took my hand and held it. I asked Miss Livy our translator with the children about her.  She told me her mother left her after she was born and her Gogo (grandmother) has cared for her ever since. Last month her mother returned. Mary struggles with the same emotion of any ten year old that was abandoned by their mother only to have them return after several years. Please pray for Mary as she adjusts to this change her life. Pray she and her mother would come to know the ONE that never abandons us.

Miss Livy Going Over the Memory Verse
Miss Livy Going Over the Memory Verse

It was such a joy to work with Miss Livy. She teaches grades 8-11 at Chikombedzi. She shared during testimony time how the kids coloring their pages brought tears to her eyes. The crayons reminded her of when she was little and would go to Sunday School. She said that for many of the children it was probably the first time they had ever colored. Pray for Miss Livy as she teaches the youth in deteriorating classrooms with limited resources.

Memory Giving God Praise for His Provision
Memory Giving God Praise for His Provision

Memory (I just love the African names!) also gave praise to the Lord. She lost her husband in 2011 and is raising four girls on her own. Two of the girls are twins. She thanked God for His continued faithfulness to them in His provision. Memory could always be found outside helping with food preparation. Her twin girls were the first ones to offer to sweep the classroom for us. Pray for Memory as she does her best to raise her girls in the knowledge of the Lord.

From orphans and widows, gogos and mothers, sons, daughters and fathers everyone has a testimony that needs to be heard. These are just a few snippets of God’s grace. There are many more waiting to be told across the world.

Do you have a snippet to share?

3 thoughts on “Snippets of God’s Grace in Zimbabwe”

  1. Your little snippets of grace are just lovely! And Memory as a name? Oh, that’s just too cool.

    Praying for your Zimbabwe friends.

    (Thanks for linking with us at #TellHisStory!)

  2. Those are beautiful snippets of grace. I’ve been sitting in a hospital waiting room for several days with my f-i-l (he’s going to be okay!) and I’ve seen several evidences of grace through the nurses, the other families waiting, etc. God is good.

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