Are Western Seminary Students Encouraged to go to the Nations?

Nik Ripken

Why do many seminaries in the West, filled to overflowing with capable and committed students, send fewer than 10% of their graduates to the Nations? –Nik Ripken from The Insanity of Obedience

I have been pondering this question which brought me to the the title of this post. The author points out that single women outnumber single men 7 to 1 on the mission field. Since God chose men to be the spiritual leaders of the church and home, then it seems to me it would be His desire to have more men modeling this in other parts of the world where His name is not known.

Some may say they have not been “called.” If you are a Christian you have been called as Nik Ripken shares: Our conversations about call should be focused on where we have been called rather than if we have been called.

It appears to me that 90% of western seminary graduates are “called” to their home country. If God’s word says “go” why would He have so many stay? Are godly men, not just seminary students, settling for a more comfortable life instead of pursuing the call to the nations?

Justin Long, a missionary researcher with Act Beyond, wrote about the problem. In regard to his thoughts I ask: When a church has more than enough high quality leaders are they sending them out, not to plant more US churches though some are needed, but to the church that has not yet one convert and is need of a godly man to share his life and God’s word with them?

Would you consider being one of those godly men? And to the women-Are you willing to pack up your family and go to the nations with your husband?

1 thought on “Are Western Seminary Students Encouraged to go to the Nations?”

  1. I usually advocate a balance. If you divide the world in thirds (one-third Christian, one-third evangelized non-Christian, one-third unevangelized), then send an equal third of “sent-out-ones” to each (or at least try to advocate for this). Even when work is done “nearby,” I want to advocate for it being done among non-Christians and especially among the unevangelized (of whom there are many among the diaspora groups).

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