Like Any Other Woman in the World

Sweeping the church getting ready for services.
Sweeping the church getting ready for services.

“They are asking how old you are.”

Nehemiah, one of the mission’s translators stated as we and some of the women from Xicumbane Baptist Church walked the hot sandy road after visiting a woman who hadn’t been coming to the church for a while.

“Ask them how old they think I am,” I replied.

Among many giggles I hear “40”, “30” and they decide upon “37.”

I laugh. It’s nice to be among women who think you are younger than you are.

“No, I’m 47,” I tell them.

“They want to know how old Doug is.” Nehemiah once again interjects.

“He is 50.”

More giggles, sounds of surprise and talking among themselves.

“They want to know about your hair color before it was gray. Was it black?” asks Nehemiah.

I answered, “No, it was kind of brown.”

I thought about how I could just as easily be walking with American women and be having the same conversation. Women will be women wherever they are in the world. They ask the same questions. They have the same hurts and fears.

At the teachings I asked for prayer requests and here is what some shared:

*Reconciliation with my husband

*God’s help in being a single parent with 8 children to care for

*My husband to stop drinking

*My baby that is due

*My husband to go to church

These requests could have easily come from any women’s bible study group across the world but it came from a group of women in a rural village of Mozambique. Their days are filled with packing around 50 lbs. of water on their heads, working the fields, grinding mealies (corn) to eat and caring for their home which is generally a one room hut. The outside is their kitchen where chickens roam and goats trample.

Forming the
Forming the “pap” into a loaf.

Their prayer requests are not for an easier life. Some aren’t even aware another “easier” life exists a few hours away past their border. The cry of their heart is for their family just like any other woman in the world.

Have you ever had this experience as a missionary?

Would you take a moment to lift these women up in prayer?

3 thoughts on “Like Any Other Woman in the World”

  1. Hi Debbie just thought I would take a wee hop over to see your blog after your comment on mine. My eldest son spent 3 months in Malawi and our Pastor goes for a few weeks to Zimbabwe each year to help some churches there, so your post made me smile as I remembered all that they would talk about. God Bless Sandra

  2. Beautiful post. May we remember that we all have more in common than we realize. “The cry of their heart is for their family just like any other woman in the world.” And I wrote this morning of my prayer for my own family. So this is such truth. Praying for women this morning. I am grateful that I visited from Thought Provoking Thurs. today. Blessings!

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