Discipline through the Lens of Godliness

ow_125x125_custom_125x125Nestled in the book Ready to Restore  by Jay E. Adams is a chapter entitled “Discipline: A Two-Edged Sword.” As I read this chapter I looked to how I could apply it to my one word for 2014 which is discipline. The author writes:

The disciplined person knows where God wants him to go and structures his life to take himself there. He plans ahead, makes commitments, sets deadlines, schedules his life, and sticks to his schedule no matter how he feels.

Except for this last week as I have been battling a cold, I pretty much kept the commitments I wrote out each week on my One Word Planner:

*Consistent prayer time with the Lord became a notebook divided up in five areas where I write down the prayer needs and requests of others and pray through a different area each day.

*Exercise means walking at least 30 minutes per day for 4 days per week.

*Because I love to multi-task I carry my Tsonga language cards with me and work on them as I walk.

*I have worked on eating less but not so much on healthy meals.

From this chapter I learned of a little booklet Jay Adams wrote “Godliness through Discipline.” It is just seven pages and available here as a free download.

The purpose of discipline is not to be self-focused but for godliness.

Why do I want to exercise and eat healthy? Because I want to take care of this body God gave me so I can be more effective for His kingdom.

Why do I carry Tsonga cards around? Because I want to learn the language to be able to share His word with the Mozambican people without a translator.

Why do I want a deeper prayer life? Because without prayer the things I do are fueled in my own strength and not by the power of the Holy Spirit.

If I pursue discipline through the lens of pursuing godliness it doesn’t seem like drudgery and it holds promise not just for this life but also for the life to come (1 Tim. 4:8).

What are your thoughts on discipline? Does disciplining yourself seem more appealing if you pursue it through the lens of godliness?

3 thoughts on “Discipline through the Lens of Godliness”

  1. I consider myself pretty disciplined. I think a lot of that had to do being raised in a military family. But to have discipline with God is much different then the military type discipline. The more my Godly discipline deepens, the closer I am to Him.

  2. Again, I think discipline is a great word for the year. It is hard to deny self, but your thinking on pursuit of godliness as making it palatable is right on. Thanks for the free download! I really like the book The Disciplined Life by Richard Taylor.

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