I Have Known You

A Reminder Letter from your Father:

I knew the wintry day of December when you arrived into this world, one of a kind, just like the snowflakes that were dancing in the wind outside the hospital window.

In My book I have written all the days ordained for you, Debbie, before there was yet one of them.

I watched you grow and from such a young age you were full of rebellion and disobedience. If your parents said “no” you took it as “go” and went and did whatever you wanted anyway. Yet you pondered Me in your heart many times…vacation bible schools, youth group. You read the stories in the sky-blue Bible encyclopedia set bought by your parents for you. You began to pray to Me before we even had a relationship.

I was intimately acquainted with all your ways but this knowledge was too high and wonderful for you to truly grasp.

Off to college you went pursuing your love of writing only to have loved the world of drinking and partying more. You could not handle the freedom you so longed for.  In My sovereignty one year was enough. You returned home still restless and trying to fill a void only I could fill. You continued to pray each night before bed-a ritual without a relationship.

I numbered your wanderings and put your tears in My bottle.

Then the disheveled-hair, blue-eyed mechanic with Marlboro’s rolled up in his t-shirt sleeve entered your life. You dated. He proposed. You answered, “Yes!”

Even before the word was on your tongue I knew it. I, the Lord, know it all.

Your marriage was filled with more drinking and much sinfulness. You still had thoughts of Me and I had not forgotten you.  I sent a friend to invite you to church. Later, one night soon after, you cried out to My Son Jesus Christ concerning your sin and asked for forgiveness. Curled up in a ball sobbing I heard the long-awaited cries and wrapped My loving arms of peace about you as a blanket. I was now truly your Father.

Years passed. You and your husband continued to grow in My word. I began stirring your heart towards missions. You wanted your husband to have the same desire so you faithfully prayed. I answered. In 2007, you took your first mission trip together to Mozambique.

Tell of My glory among the nations, My wonderful deeds among all the peoples.

“Let us do this Lord” you wrote beside My word at Psalm 96:3 in August of 2008. In June of 2011, having left home, family and friends, you and your husband boarded the plane to South Africa in obedience to My word. Through trials and temptations you have continued to follow Me.

Be assured, nothing will separate you from the love of Christ. Not tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword. In all these things you overwhelmingly conquer through Christ who loved you. Nothing can separate you from My love, which is in Christ Jesus your Lord.

I have known you and love you with an everlasting love.

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