A Missionary’s Thoughts on Duck Dynasty

100_1944 (800x600)We moved to South Africa in 2011. I don’t know if Duck Dynasty was around then but I had never heard of it. Our television consists of four South African channels. They might run an older season of Amazing Race but not Duck Dynasty. When I first saw it mentioned last year in my Facebook feed I commented that I thought it was a Disney movie.

While we were on furlough in the states, our friends had Season 1 of the show on DVD and told us we just had to watch it. We did. We laughed. We were impressed with the family prayer at the end of each show and became fans. We returned to South Africa with Season 1 and 2.

A few weeks ago we finished watching Season 2. The last disc had us in stitches. Yet there were some things that we really shouldn’t have been laughing at.

One remark that Phil made left a bad taste in my mouth. After he had done some hard task for Kay he said that maybe he would get some rough sex that night. Many will excuse that remark away just as they have his use of vivid language when stating his case for what God calls sin with GQ magazine: “Oh, that’s just Phil. That’s how he talks.”

While the Robertson’s promote Christianity and biblical values, their show does not encourage me as a believer to pursue holiness or my sanctification which God calls me to. I may get a good laugh, but at the expense of these things.

I love to see when Christians stand together in defense of what God’s word says. That should be the rally cry of this controversy: “The Bible says homosexuality is sin. The Bible says God created marriage between a man and a woman.” Instead I see Christians defending Phil Robertson and the freedom of speech we have as Americans. Why did Phil say what he did? Because it’s in the Bible. That’s the heart of the matter. It’s not about Phil or freedom of speech. It’s about God and His word.

As a missionary teaching God’s word, that is what I want to see my brothers and sisters in Christ defend.

2 thoughts on “A Missionary’s Thoughts on Duck Dynasty”

  1. I love the Robertson’s but my heart sank when I read what Phil had said in his GQ interview. It was so crude and yet no one seemed to say anything about that. I agree as Christians we are called to holiness and our words should reflect that.

    It’s no secret Phil loves the Lord and his desire is to please Him. We all makes mistakes and this whole situation should bring us to self-evaluation and humility before God, not shouting about OUR rights.

    God bless and thanks for speaking out in love and truth. : ) Visiting from Faith Filled Friday

  2. I watched part of an episode and couldn’t get into it. And when we go to a Cabelas store nearby, all the trashiest merchandise has those bearded men’s pictures pasted all over it, which makes me think they went into this to get rich more than share their faith. I don’t like how A&E handled it; I agree that Christians should have freedom of speech as well as anyone, but the station isn’t Christian, it is part of this world system, and how can you expect them to react? Freedom of speech is our right in the public square, but the station is not publicly owned and should also have the right to determine to an extent what they air. if a station throws a Christian out for speaking of their faith, the Christian should rejoice as they are sharing in Christ’s persecutions. Yet all of facebook is about reactions to A&E for silencing them.

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