The Beauty of Believers During a Crisis

We were gathered together to celebrate the birthday of a young boy who had just turned four. His friends from church and their parents had just finished singing “Happy Birthday” and began filling their plates with snacks. We sat down enjoying our food and visiting with one another.
Suddenly there was a loud crash. My first thought was what could have been in their living area that had fallen down.
I heard the men rush outside as hysterical cries filled the air.
Leaving our plates, we hurried to the kitchen window. A woman had driven through the cement fence of the home we were at and hit one of the guest’s cars.

What followed was a beautiful picture of believers using their unique gifts and skills to minister during this situation:

While I looked after her child, one of the women went out to hold and comfort the woman sobbing and screaming uncontrollably.
One of the men gently pulled out a young girl who was also in the vehicle and began to console her.
Paramedics and police were called.
Some got their tablets to record the damage for insurance purposes.
Others helped with traffic issues.
Women continued to supervise the children who had come to the party and were playing out back. Most of the children didn’t even realize an accident had happened.
Doug and a friend went to get plywood to cover up the section of fence that was no longer there.
Later that evening, the driver and her family stopped by the house. We learned the vehicle that caused the accident had driven away. This seems to be a trend in the Polokwane area. Thankfully, there were no serious injuries and they could continue their journey. They praised God and amid the leftover rubble we ended the evening by joining hands with them in prayer.
The what-ifs are endless:
What if the children had been playing in the front?
What if the woman had hit the tree instead of the fence?
What if cars hadn’t been parked there to stop her?
The day could have ended in great tragedy but I don’t dwell on the what-ifs. I choose to marvel at God’s sovereignty. His timing and the people He placed there were all a part of His plan for that moment.

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