Goodbyes, How Long and Home

“I’m sorry but we can’t that day.”

“I wish we could but that night we are eating with so and so.”

The leaves haven’t yet changed colors as we had hoped. As it is cooling here in Southern Illinois it is warming up in Polokwane. This is our last week in the states before returning to South Africa. A week to be filled with laughter, hugs and hard goodbyes. We are torn when we can’t have one last lunch or dinner because our schedule is full this week.

“So are you done after two more years?”
“Now how long are you going to be there for?”

Our reply is always the same: “We will be there as long as the Lord would have us to be there. There is no set time period.”

When we made the commitment to the Lord, it was a lifetime commitment. We didn’t sell our house and possessions only to return in two-four years. As long as the Lord continues to allow us, we plan to be a part of His work among the nations. For us it is in the area of Mozambique, Zimbabwe and South Africa. If He directs us otherwise, we will follow where He leads even if it means returning to the states. (Gulp!) That was a hard sentence to write, but we know the best place to be is where God wants us to be.

Many times we refer to South Africa as home. Some people ask: “So that is home to you now?”

It is. We can’t wait to return to our dog, house, friends and our church family. Just like a new blanket that doesn’t quite feel right until it has been used a while, what began as unfamiliar is now comfortable.

What are your thoughts?

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