Are You a Shadow Servant?

Joan straightens her husband’s book on his desk. She places a glass of sweet tea on a coaster and scribbles “I love you” on a Post-it note. She smiles as she hears the children call, “Daddy’s home!” A quick kiss in the hallway and she’s off to the kitchen to fix supper as he sits at his desk to prepare for Sunday’s sermon.

Joan’s ministry is unseen but her husband knows and so does God.

Jon Bloom writes about another shadow-servant in his book “Not by Sight” which is a collection of short stories on different people in the Bible and their experiences. In his meditation “Serve in the Shadow God Places You” the author points out that the disciple Andrew was usually mentioned as “Simon Peter’s brother.” He writes: “Peter’s shadow is cast over Andrew from the beginning.”

Is there an attachment to our name because of a husband, family member or friend who is more well-known than we are?

God has a plan and purpose for us all. Some are more visible than others whether it be scrubbing the church’s bathroom floor or speaking at a conference. More service is found in a clean toilet done in humility than a sermon preached with a prideful heart. When these tasks are done in a Christ-centered manner they are equally important in God’s eyes.

Jon Bloom reminds us:

“Following Jesus isn’t about our prominence at all. 
It’s about Jesus’ prominence.”

Joan will always be tagged “the Pastor’s wife.” She finds contentment in those words not resentment. As she serves her husband he is able to adequately focus and prepare to make Christ’s name known each Sunday.

May that be our goal:

To make much of Christ in whatever we do…seen or unseen.

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