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Kindred Spirits through Social Media

I recently received a text from my friend who was visiting with a family in Kansas. Her text:

I was showing this lady we are staying with pictures of the kids and I came across your picture. She said, “I know that woman. She used to encourage me when I blogged.” Do you know __________?”
I warmly remembered the young woman who at that time (almost 3 years ago) had recently been married and was sharing her struggles and hopes. I encouraged her. We even emailed some. Then as often happens a person stops blogging and you lose contact with them. I often wondered about her. How blessed it was to know my friend was staying with her and her family which had grown from when we first met.
Is it still “met” though it is over cyberspace? I don’t know.
Then there is Jenny. Through this blog, she messaged me on Facebook wanting information about Polokwane and finding a church here. She too was from Illinois just as we were. We instantly clicked and continued to keep in touch until she finally moved to Polokwane where she teaches at a Christian school. We have become great friends and she is house-sitting for us while we are back in the states.
And this all because of social media and I must add God’s providence.
I have Facebook friends I consider to be kindred spirits that have influenced my life in some way but I have never met: Connie Abbott, Jennifer Morrissette and Elizabeth Johnson are a few that come to mind. We met through blogging and keep up with another on Facebook. We are connected by our love for the Lord, theology and passion for reading books. Elizabeth just wrote her first book Touching The Hem. I am currently reading it and hope to have a review up soon.
Then there is Twitter. I have but a handful of people I actually know. The rest are mostly mission organizations, missionaries and missiologists. I love learning what others are doing in regard to missions. I recently wrote an article for Missions Manual through being connected on Twitter.
While I am always weighing the pros and cons of social media, I am thankful for those God brought into my life through it.
What about you? Do you have a kindred spirit from social media that you have never met? I would love to hear about it.


2 thoughts on “Kindred Spirits through Social Media”

  1. Thank you for mentioning me. I have become aware of the great privilege and the mighty responsibility that comes along with the joy and fun of using social media. It has been a sincere prayer of late that my posts would be full of e-encouragement.

  2. I also met Jen Morrissette via blogging…and we had her and a friend up to visit us for about 4 days a few years ago, and visited her when we went down to California 3 years ago! She's wonderful and I am thankful for those types of connections. Whether we meet in person on this earth, or only in eternity, isn't it great that we can be iron sharpening iron, encouragement, and fellowship of a sort through the social media! I think if used well, social media can be much more of an asset than a drawback. Thank you for your friendship and all it means to me! You are an inspiration.

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