First Week of Furlough: Food, Fun & Tears

At our Mission Presentation booth
It’s been a week since we have arrived in the states for a short furlough. Joseph and Wilheminah, our friends from South Africa were able to come over with us and he preached at the Encouraged to Endure conference we were attending. The conference was focused on missions. We made some new friends and look forward to following their ministries. We enjoyed some of our favorite restaurants, did some sightseeing with our friends and shed a few tears.
Tears when:
-My forever friend Lori (that’s what I call her since we have been friends since high school) greeted us at the airport with a sign welcoming us.
-I introduced Wilheminah at a ladies luncheon for us and just expressed how thankful I was for her and thankful to God for allowing us to come to the states together.
-Doug and I watched Joseph preach his heart out for the first time in the United States and we realized God may have a bigger plan for his life than he could have ever imagined.
-We got our hugs from Nikki & Justin and the rest of the Conley kids.
-I watched the core dedicated members of our sending church work together to put on this conference and serve those who were attending.
It’s only been a week but what a blessing 
our friends and family have been to us!
Thank you to all those who have provided for us in some way 
from a vehicle for us to other nice surprises!

What are your thoughts?

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