Missionary Brain Fog

We have been away from the states for two years now. We have read hundreds of our family and friends’ Facebook posts and emails. Upon our return to the states it’s bound to happen…

“Jane” is approaching us from the back of the sanctuary. She seems to have gained some weight. I will quickly whisper to Doug: “Here comes Jane. Looks like she’s put on a few pounds. I think I saw on Facebook that she is pregnant. But what if she’s not pregnant and we insult her? Or if she is pregnant and we don’t acknowledge it?” No time for his answer as she greets us with a warm embrace.

Then there is elderly “Henry”. He is sitting in the pew alone. Didn’t someone write to us that his wife had passed away? Or was she just ill?
Oh, why can’t we remember these things!
It’s Missionary Brain Fog (MBF): the place in our brain where we think we heard something about someone but we are unsure what we think is correct.
Other effects of MBF:
Marriage Mishandlings
We probably “liked” it on Facebook but don’t be discouraged if we don’t remember the name of your new bride or groom. Heck, we might not even remember you got married.
 –Birth Blunders
The same applies to new babies. We thought the pictures were precious but when you bring us that little bundle of joy and we call him “Danny” instead of “Donnie” please don’t be offended. Unless they are dressed in blue or pink, we may even wonder if it’s a boy or girl.
So we are apologizing in advance for the things we knew but have forgotten.
Please extend grace when we look at you with blank stares and fake smiles pretending we know what you are talking about. We also will extend grace when one may not remember where we live, what we are doing or when one may ask, “Haven’t seen you in a while, have you been going to another church?”

Have you had an experience of Missionary Brain Fog?


1 thought on “Missionary Brain Fog”

  1. Oh wow! I can totally relate to the MBF! It happens in just about every church someone comes up and says, “Remember me?” Thanks for the great post!

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