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When Dogs Eat Better than Orphans

Mindlessly I flipped through an American magazine a friend had given me. I stopped at a food ad with a container of beef stroganoff with pasta and veggies from Rachel Ray called Naturally Delish.

The ladle boasts of bright colored veggies among noodles with a nice-looking sauce. Yum-oh!

“That looks pretty good.” I tell myself as I continue to scan:

 Made with simple, wholesome ingredients.
No corn, no wheat, no soy.
“Wow even better since gluten upsets my stomach sometimes.”
No meat by-products, fillers, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.
Natural recipes plus essential vitamins and minerals.
I should have looked closer. It wasn’t beef “stroganoff” but “stroganWOOF.”
Recipes inspired by Rachel Ray for dogs!

When my laughter had ceased, I thought how sad this was. Especially when I went to research the price: 8-1 oz. containers for $23.

I realized dogs are eating better than orphans. They are eating better than the 25,000 people who will die today of starvation-one person every 3.5 seconds (World Hunger Education Service).
A plate of rice and beans doesn’t seem as appetizing beside the “stroganwoof.” Yet, $23 a month could provide a lot of food not just for orphans but to an organization that feeds the homeless or provides meals for children after school.
If the plight of hunger around the world was taken more seriously, the resources are there to eradicate it. But unfortunately most would rather feed their dog a gourmet meal than feed the dog plus a person in need. While you have read this at least 10 people have died of starvation. Would you consider what you and your family could do to help provide a meal for someone in your town or around the world?
Side Note: I love animals. My husband and I have a cute little dog named Molly. I’m promoting balance; not giving up our loved pets.

5 thoughts on “When Dogs Eat Better than Orphans”

  1. My husband shared an article with me last night about square watermelons that are for sale @ $700 each in Russia. They are also being sold in the city near us for $200 and people are buying them! $200 (or $23, in the case of these dogs) for something you will eat and then poop out and flush away in a matter of hours. Sorry if that's TMI, but seriously, people. It is shameful how self indulgent and spoiled we are.

  2. We need these reminders to jolt us back into reality about the way we live in America. Thanks! May God use your reminder to make me not only think but do something about it. I don't own a dog and wouldn't feed him designer food if I did, but I do other things that are extravagant in comparison with much of the world.

  3. I agree with you $23 is a lot of money for example in husband and I moved to the US two years ago from Kenya and are surprised at how far a dollar can go. we support an Orphan center in Kenya and in this center $1 feeds 2 orphans three meals a day. Thanks for a thought provoking post!

    (Came upon your blog via timewarp wife 🙂 )

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