Ways to Keep Your Mission Experience Always Before You

As you close your eyes, your mind quickly fills with the moments you spent playing with children or sharing the gospel with an elderly woman who seemed to have no food. The plane has landed. You have arrived safely back home from your mission trip. The airport Starbucks isn’t as appealing now as it was when you departed. A grande latte after the poverty you have experienced puts a sour taste in your mouth. You’ve seen others return from mission trips that seemed to have no effect on their lives.

You don’t want to be that way.
So how can you keep your experience always before you?
Create a photo wall. I have several friends who have made a special place in their home with photos and items from the people they ministered to. This also gives you opportunity to share your experience with those that come into your home.
Sign up for ministry updates. Most missionaries or organizations have newsletters to keep others informed of what is happening with their ministry. These are sent out each month or so and is a great way to stay in touch and informed of the needs of that ministry. You can sign up for ours here.
Stay connected. Follow missionaries/organizations through their blogs, websites and other social media.
Set aside a time of prayer. Whether weekly or monthly, write down the names of the people you met or the needs you saw and pray for them. Missions researcher and mobilizer Justin Long has some great prayer resources.
Financially support. From the missionaries themselves to an orphan or indigenous pastor, you can always give a financial gift to show your continued support.
Get others involved. Look for those who are interested in where you went and what you did. Was there a need that a group of people could meet? Make your cause known. Don’t be surprised when God makes a way to fulfill a need through a group who may not be able to ever go but can give.
What are some things you or others have done 
to keep the mission experience always before you?

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