Rape in South Africa

Being Raped over Learning to Read

“Help me, someone please help me!”

The loud wailing outside the kitchen tent caused the mission team present to rush out and see what was happening.

A young woman was crying uncontrollably, “Please, please help me!”

She had been attacked by three men in the field next to us. Intending to rape her, they had managed to remove her bra but she was able to get away. 

The statistics are heart-breaking from SA-People:

-A South African woman is raped every 17 seconds.

-South African women have more of a chance of being raped than learning how to read.

-A half million rapes are committed against South African women each year.

-More than a quarter of South African men have admitted to raping someone.

How do others and even sometimes Christians respond to this data?

“Look at the way she dresses. She brought it on herself.”

“You just need to forget it and move on.”

“You can get counseling at the agency across town.”

These are wrong responses and hopefully are not the responses of the body of Christ. God’s word is the answer for both the violated and the perpetrator. As individuals and as a church we should be willing to open up God’s word to bring hope and healing to a hurting woman who is brave enough to share the wrong she endured.

 “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” 

Psalm 147:3

1 thought on “Being Raped over Learning to Read”

  1. Dear Debbie
    I am a South African woman and you are so right when you say that many woman are raped in my country on a daily basis. But more shocking is the fact that we have another big problem of children, boys and girls, getting raped and murdered at a growing rate!
    Much love XX

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