Nations Focused



What are these words? Another language? Some kind of ethnic food?
Most of you probably know your geography better than I do. I would never have known those were countries except through the nations’ prayer guide Operation World. Estonia is a small country west of Russia, Mayotte is a tiny island northwest of Madagascar and Gabon is another small country on the west coast of Africa.
“When the Lord laid out His plan in His word for the local church to reach out to the nations, He did not make it optional. God wants us to be as ambitious for the nations as we are for the city in which our congregations are located.”
This is the last in the series of being mission-minded women. We have looked at different things we are to be according to Matthew 28:19, 20:
E-experiencing His presence         and lastly we are to be

N-nations focused

“…make disciples of all nations…”
As David Horner shared, this is not an optional command. God desires His name to be known among the nations. How can this be reflected in the life of a mission-minded woman? Adopt a country or people group and pray for the unbelievers there. Find different missionaries that work in that country. Follow what they are doing and pray for them. Give to an organization that evangelizes and disciples the people of the nation you have chosen. Consider going on a missionary outreach there.
Mission-minded women are those who strive to live for the glory of God and desire others across the world do the same. We live this out through a lifestyle of praying, giving and/or going.

How are you a mission-minded woman? 

3 thoughts on “Nations Focused”

  1. Wonderful reminder! I had the privilege of attending Pastor Horner's church in NC just a few weeks ago. Thanks for linking up today!

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