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United We Build: A Book Review

Interior Designers always encourage framing a favorite quote as way to furnish a home. My next framing project will be the words of Chris Lautsbaugh from his E-book “United We Build: Creating a Team Atmosphere.” He writes:
“If no faith is required, you do not have a vision, you have a project.”
Many times we as individuals, churches and organizations rely on the balance of our finances or the status quo of “we have never done that before” instead of stepping out in faith and trusting the Lord to provide and guide.
He encourages leaders to have a vision for their group:
-Without a vision, people become bored
-Without a vision, people become lazy
-Without a vision, people lose interest
-Without a vision, people only dream as big as themselves.
“Vision is essential to moving a group forward.”
The author speaks from his experience of inheriting a missions program that was beginning to falter and growing it by God’s grace and some foundational principles that he has learned over the years. While this E-book is geared toward leaders, I found it helpful even as a “team” member especially the chapter entitled “Getting the Right People on the Bus.” One of the ways the author builds his team is by recruiting character and not talent. I don’t think you will find that thought much in the typical business world. 
This is the second book I have been challenged from by Mr. Lautsbaugh. I also recommend his book on grace titled “Death of the Modern Superhero: How Grace Breaks our Rules.”
Read more from him at his website No Super Heroes.
What are your thoughts on vision either as a leader or a team member? 
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