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Experiencing His Presence

Dana rushed from her bible study with the women at the homeless shelter to her Wednesday night small group. She realized that she wasn’t as prepared for this lesson as she should have been. She couldn’t pinpoint the day but somewhere along the line her life began to get too busy. Unfortunately, her bible reading diminished and her prayers were quickly voiced without spending time listening to God. She knew she was working in her own strength and needed to take a break to spend quality time with the Lord.

Haven’t we all been where Dana is at some point in our life? 

To be effective in ministry we must be experiencing His presence. It is daily time in His word and prayer that will sustain us.
What other things can hinder us from experiencing His presence?
Unconfessed sin
The longer we hold onto sin, the harder our hearts become. The harder our hearts, the further we are from the Lord.
God hates a prideful spirit. I love what Helen Rosevearebegan to pray when she was confronted with her pride:
“Please, God, cross out my ‘I’.”
As mission-minded women we have the promise of His presence from the Great Commission:
“And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” 
Matthew 28:20b
What a wonderful promise! Christ is there with us as we are: Willing, on our knees and making disciples.
What do you do when you need to refocus on the things of the Lord?

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