A Mission-minded Woman is Willing

Willing is the first qualification in the “Being a Mission-minded Woman” series. The Oxford dictionary defines willing as ready or pleased to help and not needing to be persuaded.

Is God calling you to go? Or to give?
Are you willing to surrender your will to His in these areas?
“Go therefore…” Matthew 28: 19
While we may see this as a choice, actually it is not. It is a command to all believers. The “go” here reads in the original Greek language “while you are going”.
“While you are going therefore…”
But where are you going? Is God asking you to leave your life of ordinary for His extraordinary purpose?

It may be the jungles of South America or the African bush. A mission-minded woman is willing to say just like Isaiah “Yes, Lord. Here am I! Send me.”

Perhaps God is not asking you to go, but He wants you to give. It can be of your time, by volunteering at a homeless shelter or advocating for the persecuted church. It may also be financially by supporting those who help others in their distress. Is there a cause you are passionate about? Maybe you want to see God’s word being made available for all to hear or you want to protect children from the ever growing business of sex trafficking. Are you willing to give up a few meals out or that new outfit you don’t really need so that you are able to give as God has put upon your heart to give?

A mission-minded woman is ready to go or to give. How has God recently led you in one of these areas?

Next we will look at the “O of “women” which stands for “on her knees.” A mission-minded woman is a woman of prayer.

1 thought on “A Mission-minded Woman is Willing”

  1. Thought provoking post! Whether God is calling us to “go” or to “give”, either will take sacrifice. Thank you for this reminder. Happy Mother's Day! I was your neighbor at Spiritual Sundays 🙂

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