Book Review

Death of the Modern Supehero: [Book Review]

“Grace is big” shares Chris Lautsbaugh in his book Death of the Modern Superhero: How Grace Breaks Our Rules. What is this modern superhero mentality? The author gives several examples:

-We must read our Bible every day
-We must pray every day
-We judge another’s sin to be worse than our own
-We have a Jesus + ______________ mentality
“Grace breaks all the rules. Grace is not bound by human logic. Grace says the secret to the Christian life and being a good Christian is simple. It is not a Jesus + formula. It is Jesus. Period.”

The author challenges his readers to ask themselves as to what is their motivation behind their Bible reading, praying etc. If it is just another checklist of to dos and not motivated by our desire to have a growing relationship with the Lord then we are still a struggling superhero. We should want to do the Christian disciplines because we want to know God more.
His book closes with the question: So how do we apply grace?
“Slowly. Little by little. By falling and getting back again…Growth in grace is linked to our growth in Christ-likeness.
This book was a refreshing reminder of God’s grace as not just a one-time event at salvation, but as being daily at work in my life. I highly recommend this book for those who are caught up in their “To do” list for God and believe they always come up short.
Chris and his wife Lindsey have founded Project Grace. You can also be challenged by more of Chris’ writings at his blog: No Superheroes.

What are your thoughts?

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