World Malaria Day

The Buzz about Maggie

“Just took a quick dip at my favorite water hole. I love the rainy season. Get to see a lot more of my friends than usual. Oh, by the way, I’m Maggie and I’m a mosquito. But I’m not your ordinary buzz-in-your-face, shoo-away-kind.
Oh look, like my zebra-striped hose?
Yep. That’s right. I’m a malaria packing pest. It’s been said that malaria kills 655,000 children a year. Most of those are under the age of 5 and most live in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Photo Credit: Compassion

They even say one child dies of malaria every 5 seconds. Now I may live in Africa but remember I’m innocent until proven guilty. After a bite, I’m out of there. I don’t wait to see the results.

I love hot and humid nights after a quick downpour. That’s when I get to bite the longest. Usually going undetected. Excuse me. I see an arm that looks like a good landing strip to me. I’m going in for the kill. Darn! The mother let down the net and knocked me away.
Well, maybe next time. Let’s see where I can find my next landing strip. This girl’s hungry.”
Thursday, April 25, is World Malaria Day. Compassion is biting back at malaria by spreading the word about this disease. Visit their Malaria Intervention page as to how you can help.
Would you like to spread the word? Visit Compassion’s blog and write your own blog post about this easily preventable and treatable disease.
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