An Audience of ONE

I like to tease my Mom that my parents arriving to South Africa received the most views of any blog post. I try not to look at my page views because I don’t want my motivation for writing to be based on popular posts. But this week as I made a new post, a number caught the corner of my eye. Wow, my parents were replaced by praying for the ZCC. I found that quite amusing. If all of its readers prayed then I would hope the ZCC now has a few less members.

I can write about the plight of orphans or sharing God’s word in Mozambique, but apparently those are not as appealing to readers. After reading “The Writer’s Manifesto” by Jeff Goins that’s when I made a decision…
No looking at stats or page views…
Because my words are worth more than any number on screen.
I’m writing for an audience of one…The ONE. Sharing our lifewhile God proves His faithfulness
Declaring His name. Telling of His wonderful deeds.
Because, while I may try, no words can adequately express His worth.

What are your thoughts?

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