Joy and Smiles

Little girl
what would it take
to make that straight line
a smile on the face?
What lies behind
those cream-coffee eyes?
“What is your name?”
The answer…a sigh.
Lord, bring this little one
to the knowledge of you-
May she grow up knowing
your word is true.
I sat with this girl as she drew face after face. None of them had a smile, so at one point I turned the straight line into an upward curve and smiled at her. Finally, the beginnings of a smile. As I’ve wrote about before, the children are so creative in making up games with what they have. Some boys made a track on the concrete and would flick their bottle cap along the track. If one of them went outside the line, they would have to start over. There is much fun in simplicity!
Thank you Lord for the joy and smiles that extend into my heart 
as I look at their pictures.

3 thoughts on “Joy and Smiles”

  1. Debbie, I love the pictures you've posted of these beautiful children. It's fun to hear of the games, pictures, creativity of these little ones. I appreciate your tender heart bending toward them, showing them the sweet love of Jesus.
    God bless you sister ~ Mary

    I'm so glad you visited my place today!

  2. One of my favorite things, how they entertain themselves! It's windy right now so kites – papagalhos – are all the rage. (I don't think I spelled that right!)

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