Visit to Chikombedzi Hospital

At the edge of town is the Chikombedzi Hospital. Nelson Gonese, a nurse in the maternity ward at the hospital, told us it was a three doctor hospital but they only have one. The next closest hospital they can send patients to is in Cheredzi which is 120 kilometers away. Most patients do not have the funds to take a bus for that long of a distance.

The Maternity Ward

This room is the antenatal room where the mother’s are before it is time to deliver. The mother’s are taught about Kangaroo Care. They also have what is called a hot box, pictured below, for premature babies.

 Here, as in South Africa, they call the operating room a “theatre”.

They have a women’s waiting shelter where the pregnant women wait before going to the maternity ward.We had our first visit to a mortuary. Unfortunately they only have one unit that works. The guys looked at the other one to see what the problem was but could not figure it out right then and there.

Other buildings:

The General Ward

We were able to pray for some children in the pediatric ward. Thomas was suffering from an asthma attack and Maringo had a fever and general ill feeling. There are many needs at the hospital. One being that a relay part is needed for their x-ray machine. It has not been able to be used for over a year now. Again, patients have to be sent over 100 kilometers away. This can be very serious for patients needing an immediate x-ray. The boiler for the kitchen has not been working since 2006.

Broken x-ray machine
Broken Boiler
Please pray for the many needs of this hospital.

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