Meet Hardlife

 “Pastor, I don’t think I will live. I’m so sure I’m saved. I know where I’m going. I’m going home. My concern is Hardlife. I’m leaving Hardlife into your hands Pastor.”
Seven days later Hardlife’s mother would pass away. Preoccupied with pastoral duties for several days Pastor Simon was reminded by his wife Emily of the request made by Hardlife’s mom.
“What do you think?” Simon asked Emily knowing she probably already had a plan in place. She suggested to him that they should accommodate Hardlife into their lives. Prosper, their son, was in the same class as Hardlife. Before school Hardlife comes to their home for breakfast and then returns for lunch. In the evening he then stays overnight with his grandmother. At one of the evening services I sat by Hardlife and Prosper. I noticed Prosper taking notes and helping him find scripture. He too is discipling Hardlife. Many of Zimbabwe’s young boys go to South Africa to find work. The Lord put it on Simon’s heart that the church needs to take a stand against this and do something. His family taking Hardlife in is an example to the community.
Hardlife’s Grandmother
The grandmother was coming to church but now she is weak in the legs and blind. Her hut was in disarray. The church came together to build a house for the kokwana (grandmother). We visited her on Saturday to pray for her as she lay on her mat outside. The gospel was shared with her. She looked very weak as if she may not have long to live.
The house the church built

Would you lift up a prayer for Hardlife, for his grandmother and Pastor Simon’s family as they care for him?


2 thoughts on “Meet Hardlife”

  1. I pray that God will give Hardlife a new name, even though it is the name he knows, I am praying for a new one! Bless this pastor and his wife for their faith and determination! Laura

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