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Making Pap

Add maize meal to boiling water
Pap, pronounced “pop” as in popcorn, is an African food staple. It is made from maize meal which you add to boiling water. It can be purchased in 1kg to 50 kg bags. The closest food to its taste in the states would be grits. I had never made it completely on my own so my friend Wilheminah came over and showed me how. It really was easy. We had canned Chakalaka over it. Chakalaka is a spicy mix of vegetables and/or beans.
Stir to desired consistency then let rest
Some other dishes with pap include serving chicken or mince curry over it. In Mozambique we have eaten it with goat meat and as is the custom with our fingers. The pap is used as a utensil to gather the meat or beans to eat. I still haven’t quite got that technique down yet.
Orphan Ministry
Pap is also what the orphans are fed along with a mixture of soya mince and beans. We take around 30-12.5 kg bags into Mozambique for the orphan ministry each month. Pap helps to make food go further and fills one up quickly.

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